Sometimes things are that funny, you just have to share with others, regardless of how you do it. 

Now, I’m not usually one to write quite trivial posts; they’re usually quite consistent in quality – reviews, articles, whatever else I write. However, lately, I’ve been that busy with other things in my life that I haven’t really sat down and watched anime in a good few days. (That is if you exclude yesterday’s re-watch of the first episode of a series – picking an exec pick for the Society is hard, okay?) Still, that doesn’t mean that I’m not kept up-to-date one way or another with the latest anime memes, jokes and news. Especially the funny stuff.

The other day, I was browsing Tumblr, when I noticed my friend had reblogged a video. The thumbnail simply showed three guys in Love Live cosplay in the signature pose that we all know from the  START:DASH choreography. The caption? “START:DASH!!」 dance cover with lube on the floor” – sounds interesting, right? Well, it was enough for me to go and click on it, although I wasn’t exactly expecting much from it.

This signature pose, by the way. Taken from “[Dance] [Start Dash] [Cosplay]” by  Diego Huiza on YouTube. No credit taken.
You need to skip to 0:35 to see the dance in actual action. They guys are actually pretty decent at dancing, but it’s the fact that Kotori can hardly stand up right, never mind dance on the lube-filled mat. With wigs flying off, cosplayers that might as well be playing Twister instead of dancing and a bit of a prankster for a friend (you’ll see at 2:49), I honestly couldn’t stop laughing at this. It’s genuinely a masterpiece.

To watch this video, click on the image of some of the action below. It’s honestly worth your time.


What do you think of this? Could you better? Let me know in the comment section below!

Until next time!

– Amelia xo


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