Who would have thought it, ay? Anime can actually be stressful instead of being something that calms people down. 

And no, I’m not talking about anime being stressful due to shitty storylines or my OTP not being canon or just not being able to come up with decent blogging ideas lately. I’m talking about something completely different and, admittedly, some of you won’t be interested in the slightest. BUT you could help me. And I’d appreciate that, actually.

This is the situation. For those who weren’t around when this blog was first made, or those who haven’t scrolled past the last four months’ worth of posts, or who don’t know me IRL – I’m an executive member of my university’s anime society and I’m super happy about that. I’m excited for the upcoming year and all that jazz, but there’s one problem. For the first society meeting of the year, myself and the other execs pick the five series that are to be watched that week (one for each exec). Sounds simple, yes? Wrong.

I have no idea what to pick.

Let’s face it – there’s thousands of series out there, a lot of which I haven’t probably even heard of, never mind seen. That’s Problem #1. The second problem is that my tastes don’t match with the other people in the society. I like slice-of-life, drama, romance anime. Everyone else seems to like action anime. Thirdly, I have extremely similar taste in anime to one of the other execs who have already picked the ‘feels’ anime of the selection and finally? I have no idea what everyone else has picked – because they don’t know what to pick.

I’ve thought of a few contenders. I’ve considered the comedic route – The Devil Is A Part-Timer was last year’s comedic choice and we ended up finishing that. I’ve considered the fantasy route, but I feel as if the first episode isn’t interesting enough to convince everyone else to keep watching it. I’ve considered going for an anime that I’m not familiar with myself, but within the first five minutes of watching the first episode, I questioned whether it would be acceptable to show – despite it being rated PG-13, it was a little far-fetched for my liking. This season’s anime have also been in contention, but for some they would be too ‘cute’ or would clash with the other feels anime that’s already been selected.

I’m not naming the ones I’ve considered – just in case some of the other members are reading – but I never thought it’d be so hard to select an anime that people would like that would mean we had a variety of anime… Clearly, it is!

So, if you have any suggestions for this, let me know! Ideally, it must be a short, one cour anime (usually 13 episodes) and not be too offensive. I’ll take into consider your suggestion no matter what!

If you help out, I’d appreciate it so much – you’ll even get a shoutout on a future blog post. I’m kind like that. 

Until next time!

– Amelia xo

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