Wow, okay, so it’s not the last Sunday of the month, but it’s nearly the end of September and I thought I ought to do a Monthly Update before we actually enter October…

First things first, I’m going to apologise for the lack of posts as of late. This is mainly due to me moving back to university and partaking in a lot of the events that have happened over the course of Freshers. Can you really blame me when there’s free stuff and alcohol involved?! Anyway, I am truly sorry for the lack of posts and I’ll be sure to keep you guys more updated from now on.

Speaking of university and Freshers, the Societies Fair(s) have proven to be a success! On the Wednesday, we started out with 1,000 leaflets and, by the end of the day, we finished with a mere 33. That’s not bad at all, right? On the Thursday, we were still quite busy! Usually it’s said that the second day is the least busy, but we were still kept busy, whether it was manning the stall, distributing leaflets or table-sitting for the Swing Dance Society, despite not knowing anything about it… We ordered an additional 250 leaflets for this day and, well, we ran out. Completely. Thursday also saw us hold a Newcomers’ Movie Night, the movie of which I will be reviewing later on, so keep an eye out for that! Regardless of how hectic it’s been these past few days, I’m still quite excited to be seeing a lot of new faces around the society and to see what the new year brings.

I will also take this moment to announce that I will be creating another section of the site for episodic reviews. I don’t know how often these will be, as I much prefer to write reviews after I’ve watched the entire series, but this will definitely be useful in my writing of Society-linked series. Also, keep an eye out for a review of a series coming soon and, hopefully, a review of a video game coming soon as well!

Apart from that, I don’t really have to say this month apart from apologising for the lack of posts lately. Once I have an established routine at university again, I will be sure to post more often. ^-^

Until next time!

– Amelia xo




Featured Image: Danganronpa – The Animation Byakyua Togami Minimalis by PrimaRoxas on Deviantart

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