It was apparently Parents’ Day in America yesterday ! So, to all of you who are parents – Happy (belated) Parents’ Day! 

Parents, without a doubt, are the most important people on Earth to many children and children in the many worlds of anime are no different. It’s time to talk about the parents of anime – the sometimes small, underrated roles, that can make a big difference to many different characters and plots.


1) Ryouji Fujioka – Ouran High School Host Club
Ryouji Fujioka is without a doubt one of the best parents in anime. After losing his wife, he has made a remarkable impact on Haruhi’s, his daughter, life. Although often working at an okama bar, Ryouji has helped Haruhi become an independent young woman, a skill which proves to be useful in working alongside the Host Club. This independence, however, does not stop Ryouji being protective over his daughter, as shown by the comedic ways in which he tries to prevent the heartthrob Tamaki getting to his beloved daughter – something that most teenage daughters go through! Ryouji really is a remarkable parent. All he wants is the best for his daughter and that really shows through his encouragement and advice throughout the series.


2) Sachiko Fujinuma – Boku dake ga Inai Machi
What. A. Mother. Seriously, Sachiko Fujinuma is without a doubt one of the best maternal figures in anime, so much so that she was mentioned as an example in an essay I wrote for university about the social status of Japanese women. Taking risks to not only save her son, Satoru, but others around them, Sachiko can be kind, endearing and sweet, but she can also be a little badass, which is a perfect mixture, really, for an anime mother. I don’t want to talk too much about Sachiko for worrying about giving away vital spoilers for those who haven’t seen ERASED, but she is great and without a doubt my favourite character of the entire series.


3) Kouhei Inazuma – Amaama to Inazuma
This guy is remarkable. Honestly, being a working single-parent is hard. Everyone knows that. Working long hours as a teacher when you have an energetic five-year-old is probably near to impossible. Kouhei is determined to make life better for the both of them, though, and is determined to move away from buying ready meals from the nearest konbini and starts making healthier meals at home and at the restaurant of Kotori Iida’s family where he’s learning new recipes all the time. The happiness he brings to his little girl is just one reason why he’s a great parent. <3

4) Trisha Elric – Fullmetal Alchemist   &   Carla Yeager – Attack on Titan
Although these two women are deceased in their respective series, no-one can deny their impact on their offspring. Trisha Elric is the mother who Edward and Alphonse tried to resurrect, but resulted in them losing several aspects of their bodies instead. Carla Yeager is the mother of the protagonist of Attack on Titan, Eren Yeager. Although Carla wished for her son not to join the Survey Corps. due to it being “too dangerous”, it was her death that encouraged him and influenced him to join and make a difference. Both of these parents gave their sons the determination and strength that is required of them to go on their respective journeys, without ever knowing it.

They’re just a couple of the many parents in anime that have impacted on the series and their characters greatly.

Who are your favourite anime parents? Let me know!

6 thoughts on “Favourite Parents of Anime | Parents’ Day Special

  1. My favourite parents in anime are probably Sawako’s mum and dad from Kimi ni Todoke. They are so sweet and actually seem to play a role in their daughter’s life without being over the top. Besides, they are just a cute couple and you can see how much they love their daughter.

  2. I just stumbled across your blog: pretty much because of the picture of Sachiko. I just finished Erased and loved it very, very much. I could therefore not agree more with you on what you wrote: what a mum indeed 😀 Great post !

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