It’s been a good few weeks since the start of the summer season and everyone knows – a lot can change in ‘a good few weeks’. 

A lot can change, indeed, especially the fluid things that are known as opinions. So, what is my opinion on the season so far and am I still watching? What I should point out, however, is that I am also ‘a good few weeks’ behind on the many series I’m watching from this season, so it probably won’t be a too up-to-date mid-season reviewing session this time around.

  • Orange
    Oh. My. God. I was so right to pick this one up. This is by far my favourite anime of the season. Naho is an adorable protagonist and I’m behind her 100%. I keep seeing clips of this series popping up on my Facebook feed due to the Crunchyroll page, so I should probably catch up soon due to being so incredibly close to spoiling it for myself. Still- Rating So Far:  9/10
  • Amaama to Inazuma
    I have one word to describe this series: adorable. It is genuinely freaking adorable. Little Tsumugi is honestly a little gem to watch – it’s lovely to go through each episode and watch her grow. And her dad? Well, he deserves the award for Anime Dad of The Year in my eyes. It’s not to everyone’s taste, but it’s definitely worth watching if you like the appeal of food in anime. Rating So Far: 7/10
  • Cheer Danshi!
    This, for me, is the new Haikyuu!. The volleyball anime just made me smile constantly when watching it and I can honestly say it’s been the same for Cheer Danshi!. Full of optimism, motivation and, well, good-looking anime boys, this series is everything I could have wanted in waiting for the third season of my favourite sports anime. Will this one be better? Well, who knows? Again, I definitely need to catch up with this one! Rating So Far: 7/10
  • Love Live! Sunshine!!
    Anyone who knows me, or who has read my blog for a while now, will know how much I just love the Love Live! franchise. The spin-off series definitely surprised me and exceeded all expectations. Continuing to watch it, I’ve noticed that the cuteness levels in this series are much more higher than the ones in the original series. One thing that lets this series down, however, as I’ve mentioned before, is the soundtrack. Perhaps that’ll change, however, as soon as I’ve caught up, I don’t know. Rating so far: 8/10
  • 91days
    Not usually my cup of tea, but- wow. This. Is. Dramatic. It’s a little confusing at times, but following the twists and turns of this series is honestly great. I don’t want to give too much away about the series if you haven’t already seen any of it, so I’m going to keep this short and sweet and end it by saying- if you want a little bit of exciting drama and like a bit of crime, this is a series you should be watching. Rating so far: 7/10
  • ReLIFE
    I’ve probably watched less of this series than any of the ones above, but I can still say that this is a definite keeper. As well as the storyline, I love the animation style from this series – it has a clean feel to it which makes it look incredibly flawless. This is without a doubt the best animated show from this season (excluding, arguably, the animations from the cheerleading sequences in Cheer Danshi!). It’s still as entertaining as it was when I first started watching it and for that reason, it’s staying on my Watching list as a reputable series. Rating so far: 7/10
  • DAYS
    Now, this was a disappointment. The over-exaggerated enthusiasm in this series was just not watching material for me and neither was the 90s cartoon style animation. I just couldn’t bear watching any more than two episodes of this. If I was to give it a rating? It’d probably be a 3, if I’m honest. The actual miracles involved in this series just gives it an unrealistic feel to a school anime and- I just can’t.

So, that’s it for my mid-season update! I do really need to get a move on and catch-up on all of the series, though, especially if I want to get reviews out for them afterwards!

What are your thoughts now that we’re halfway through the Summer 2016 season? Let me know in the comments below!

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