What do you think marrying an otaku would be like? Would it be stressful? Awkward? Hilarious?

If you’re reading this, however, you’re probably at least borderline otaku yourself if you’re not one already. (Either that or you’ve made a desperate plea for help on Google…) If I’m right in my prediction, or you’re someone who’s dating an otaku, you’ll definitely find some sort of relation within this sweet little series.

I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying is a series of shorts. Now, don’t leave straightaway. Give it a chance. All of the episodes are three minutes long – you can finish this series within an hour and, even then, it doesn’t feel like an hour has passed.
It follows the story of Kaoru and Hajime, a newlywed couple. Hajime is a complete otaku, whilst Kaoru isn’t. The series starts and by the end of the first episode you’ll have so many questions. Why are these two together? Have they really adjusted to each others flaws? Is Kaoru REALLY happy in this marriage?

Of course, I’m not going to answer these for you. You’re going to have to watch the series yourself, which you shouldn’t really be grumbling about as this is a series that will make you laugh so many times. It’s a little charmer and it sort of feels as if you’re a member of their family whilst watching it, rather than a fly on a wall, which I quite like.

Shorts really are quite underrated in my opinion, but this is one that should definitely be on your radar! Of course, due to the nature of the series, it’s a little hard to review it like a full-length series, but I honestly cannot praise this show enough – it’s definitely worth an hour out of your time.

Rating: 7/10

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