This post is a little late, but better to be a little late than to never post it, right?

In November, I went to MCM Birmingham! Of course, in true tradition now, that means I cosplayed as well and this one is by far my favourite of all three cosplays of mine so far.

With a few friends, I took part in a Danganronpa group cosplay and I was Tōko Fukawa. (The others were Byakyua Togami, Nagito Komaeda and Makoto Naegi and were amazing – shout out to you guys!)

I ordered the costume from eBay and the wig from AliExpress. It was my first time using the AliExpress website, recommend to me on previous con trips and on social media. I ordered the glasses from eBay, I bought the socks from Primark and the shoes I used were a pair of brogues I already owned from New Look.

Credit to whoever was lovely enough to take this photo of me at the meet-up. <3

I was a little sceptical about ordering from AliExpress as it was my first time using the website but my scepticism was proven to be unnecessary as everything turned out fine! The wig is especially good quality and was quite a reasonable price, making me positively surprised. (Not that you can tell from the pictures because it became messy af – but that adds to the charm of Tōko.) The outfit itself took a while to arrive (only arriving a few days before the convention itself, but that’s the charm of eBay, I guess?) which worried me slightly, but even that is a great costume and I’m really happy with it.

Makeup-wise, I merely stuck to a natural look involving foundation, concealer and powder as well using neutral shaded eyeshadows, some mascara, hardly any black eyeliner on the top eyelid (if any at all) but the use of white eyeliner on the bottom lid. I also didn’t use any products on my lips, to go with Tōko’s plain look. As I did with my previous cosplay, I coloured my brows to match the hair colour of the character; here I used a nice blend of purple and pink eyeshadows to recreate the browny-purple hair colour of the wig.

I even made my own props for the first time! (And yes, you could definitely tell it was my first time making props!) To create Tōko’s scissors, I bought some card, silver paint, red paint, some little paint brushes, and some paper fasteners from Hobbycraft, grabbed some PVA glue and a craft knife and set to work making some cardboard scissors in between the usual workload of university life. The only thing keeping sane during this process was having the Danganronpa OST playing in the background as I worked, as weird as that sounds.

The Danganronpa Gang! (L-R: Nagito Komaeda,  Sonia Nevermind,  Mahiru Koizumi, Peko Pekoyama, Kazuichi Soda, Junko Enoshima, Toko Fukawa) [Links go to everyone’s Tumblrs because that’s the only place I can find them…]
I felt really confident as Tōko. I didn’t have the first time cosplay nerves like I did with Anna from Frozen, nor did I have the “can people see under my skirt?” nerves like I did with my Love Live! cosplay. I believe my confidence was shown to other people at the convention as well – the amount of times I openly said ‘yes’ to having my photo taken when I hate having my photo taken, the fact that I adopted Tōko’s questionable personalities and approached people to join in their Danganronpa cosplay meet-up… I’m usually quite shy, and especially so when in cosplay, but this confidence boost that I received whilst cosplaying Tōko certainly made all the difference and I’ll be definitely cosplaying as her again in the near future.

If you’re featured in an image, let me know and I’ll link your social media pages! Alternatively, if you don’t want your lovely face on here, let me know and I’ll see what I can do. <3

Featured image by Greenmapple17

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    1. Ahh, thank you! :3 You should definitely watch it – it’s a great franchise! (Although I do recommend the games more so, especially because of the latest OVA!)

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