As if it’s been two entire months without a post on here! 

Some things never change, do they? I’m still terrible at going on impromptu hiatuses without saying a word. But the main thing is that I’m still alive and everything is fine and dandy.

The reason for my hiatus for the past two months is honestly due to exams and assignments. It’s been a busy eight weeks, but it’s all over with now (for the time being) and my second year at university has technically finished. Phew! Although they’re the main reason, I’ve also been spending time with friends, something that I won’t be to do as much over the upcoming summer vacation, as well as planning an awful lot of things from something as simple as my End of Year Ball outfit to things for the societies next year. My mind has not stopped, I’m telling you.

Of course, because of this hiatus, I have a lot of catching up to do. Admittedly, my anime viewing has been minimal, but I do aim to catch up very soon! I’ve made a step in entering the world of bullet journaling again, so hopefully I’ll be able to organise myself better and produce content for you guys again very soon – I have two dedicated spreads for both anime and K-Dramas, so hopefully it’ll help me somewhat. ^^”

I also need to catch up on emails! To those of you who have contacted me during the last two months, do not panic! I will get in touch with you soon. I have not forgotten about you!

Whilst I was on hiatus, A Girl & Her Anime turned 1! Can you believe it’s been a year already? I prepared a post ages ago especially for this occasion, but this will be posted this month instead, again due to the impromptu hiatus (and the fact that the post isn’t technically finished yet, but we won’t talk about that, sh…). It’s been a great year and I’ve learnt an awful lot whilst being a part of the blogging community. I hope I can continue to learn more in the upcoming year! <3

Thanks for being patient, guys, and also for supporting me throughout the past year or so. You’re the best!

Keep an eye out for posts being published soon!

– Amelia xo

One thought on “[Update] Second Year Exams, AG&HA Turning 1 and More!

  1. Congratulations on reaching 1 year. That is a great achievement indeed 😊 Don’t worry about not blogging for a while, it happens at times, and as I always say to people in posts like these: Real life is always more important. So really no apologies are necessary. That said, glad to see you are still alive ofcourse. I hope you did well on your examns, and hope you can take some well earned rest now 😀

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