I know what you’re thinking. “Stop it with the blog-related posts, Amelia.” I know, it’s annoying. It’s annoying to even write them, but I just wanted to make you guys aware of some new things.

Before I started #12DaysOfAnime (which seems like forever ago, let me tell you), I was talking about my schedule for the rest of December. And, although this post is almost two days late, it’s going pretty well! Really well, actually, as I’ve got the full month of January planned now, which is ridiculous, quite frankly. I just have one more post to write for December and I’m done for 2017… Crikey.


In the same post, I also mentioned the potential of having a chill out stream. As much as I up for doing it then, I’m not exactly feeling it now. Perhaps I’ll do one in the future when it’s more conveinient for me, but that doesn’t mean I’m not experimenting. Nope. I’ve decided to venture out in the big scary world of social media. I’ve somewhat avoided doing this before now for somewhat personal reasons, but 2018 is going to be a super awesome year (I’ve already decided) and I’ve literally thought “Why not?”

The more observant of you will have probably noticed more icons in the top menu, particuarly the Facebook and the YouTube icons. That’s right, I’ve revived both of these from way, way back. I did have them before, but I feel in hindsight that it was probably too soon for me to venture out with these platforms at that point.

Screenshot-2017-12-27 A Girl Her Anime - YouTube
There’s not much there at the moment, but watch this space!

Now, however, I’m finding it difficult to produce good-quality pieces of writing whilst balancing everything else, so I’m going to be reviving the good old YouTube in an attempt to actually express what I want to say. For  instance, there’s some shows that I’ve been wanting to review, but I can only really express my opinions through gestures and voice rather than through words. To begin with, I probably won’t have a schedule for YouTube itself, but it’s certainly there as an additioanl platform that provides a different medium for me.

Also up there is a link to my new Patreon page, which is just really a platform for you guys. I’m not specifically asking you for your money. You do not need to feel obliged to donate. However, if you do like my content, there’s now a platform where you can donate a small amount of money (the highest reward is for those who donate $5) which I can then use to improve the site and the general quality of everything. I won’t shout about it and shove it in your faces, but just take note that it’s up there if you ever feel the need. Again, I will reiterate – do not feel obliged.


Whilst we’re on the topic of social media, just as a head’s up, I’m going to soon be deactivating the blog’s Tumblr account. It’s not because I hate Tumblr by any means, but I don’t exactly utilise it and, well, what’s the point of having it if I’m not using it?

So, yeah – TLDR; no stream, new social media sites, videos coming soon, I am not stealing your money, bye-bye Tumblr.

That’s all I’ve got to say today! I hope you guys have had a great holiday season and I’ll see you again on the 31st for my K-Pop Roundup of 2017!

Until then!

– Amelia xo


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