A special landmark for A Girl & Her Anime is coming up and I want you to help decide how to mark it!

I’m coming up to writing 100 posts on A Girl & Her Anime. I can’t believe how fast time has flown – it doesn’t feel like I’ve almost been blogging here for two years! And here I am at almost 100 posts and 100 followers! Although it won’t be the blog‘s 100th post, as I’m excluding guest posts, it’ll be the 100th post that I’ve written and I really want to mark it in some sort of special way. And that’s where you come in.

You guys are the ones who read my blog, so I want to ensure that the post that I write for my 100th post is one that you want to read! That’s why I’m hosting a little competition for you guys!

All you have to do is this:

  • Either follow AGAHA on Twitter or like the AGAHA Facebook page!
  • Comment or message a blog post idea that you wish to see on AGAHA!
  • The suggestions will be randomly selected for the 100th post!

If you have a blog too and your idea is selected for the 100th post, you’ll get a little bit of promotion too! And who knows? Why limit it to just one post? If I get enough responses, I may just do a couple of these~ (All with acknowledgement and/or promotion, of course!)

From what I can tell, this is quite the win-win situation, so it’d be a shame to miss out! The blog post suggestions could be anything from anything that I currently do (anime/manga reviews, K-Pop posts) to something new all together! Get creative – this is content for you after all!

This is currently my 92nd blog post, so there’s only eight posts until my 100th! Because of that, I’m going to say that the deadline for this competition is Thursday 1st March at 9PM (GMT).

I hope to see some of your suggestions soon!

– Amelia xo

10 thoughts on “I Want You To Decide What I Write!

  1. Congrats on the upcoming milestones. I’ll look forward to whatever you end up doing to mark the occasion. As for a suggestion, it would be really cool to hear about anime that have particularly resonated with you for whatever reason.

  2. That is a truly amazing milestone that you are nearing. Congratulations! Thinking of a suggestion I would love to see a post about an anime that really surprised you. Something that you maybe never expected to like but ended up loving 😊

  3. Congrats Amelia! Maybe try some of the lowest rated shows on MAL? Not including Shitcom and such..but ones that actually tried to be a show. Cheating Craft is a good example. 🙂

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