Sometimes, I see something on the Internet and I really want to help out. I fill out a lot of dissertation surveys, for example, because I want to contribute and help out and I also know how frustrating it can be to collect data. This was no different.

I was on Facebook during the week when I stumbled on a post from the MCM EXPO Group. It’s not often something interesting comes out of here, admittedly, but hey – miracles can happen. They were referring to a survey. I was instantly interested. They mentioned anime. I knew I had to do it.

Firstly, though, I did some research on what it was about. The survey – otherwise known as the Anime Census – is a collection of data being collected by The Flying Colors, a foundation based in California wanting to provide the anime community with the opportunity for their voices to be heard. Its voluntary census aims to “create a better future for anime”.

It all sounds very dramatic, I’m aware of that. However, I’m all for it. Studios in Japan are aware of what the local anime fans want. They have access to manga sales, live reactions, everything they need in order to project what anime fans in Japan want next season, now etc. But what do Western anime fans have? The Crunchyroll Awards? This is where The Flying Colors comes in.

There is no surprise in the fact that the Japanese anime fans and Western anime fans have different tastes. For example, see this video that The Anime Man did on the Top 100 Anime of All Time according to the Internet. However, considering Western fans make up close to 40% of all anime sales lately, we don’t really get much of a say.

When Joey (The Anime Man) did the survey in his video, only 13.2% of his subscribers took part, despite this being known as “the largest anime survey in history”. The Flying Colors, working alongside various different anime YouTubers (including Joey), aim to significantly multiply this.

I’m technically not directly involved in this. The only role I’ve played thus far (before publishing this) is filling it out myself. However, I have a passion for helping people out, particualrly when there’s only six staff making up The Flying Colors, hence why I’m sharing it with you guys. If this survey succeeds, we may see more transparency for Western fans of anime.

It only takes 15-20 minutes to complete and all information is anonymous. You can take the survey here.

What do you think of this movement? Will you be taking part in this? Let me know in the comment section below!

Until next time!

Amelia xo


4 thoughts on “Anime Census 2018: Have YOU filled it in?

  1. I’m still wondering exactly what they intend to do with the information they collect and what their ‘better future’ for anime actually involves given they don’t seem to actually have any links to any particular anime studios or anyone that might have influence over the industry. I’m also not sure that anything needs to change with anime, other than global distribution that is actually global and then some specific industry issues that Japan is going to have to deal with (such as wages and hours for workers).

  2. No, I will not be taking part in the project. Why? Basically they’re complete nobodies with some rather shady connections – who keep rearranging their story. On top of that, they ask some rather detailed and personal questions about things unrelated to anime.

    They also indulge in quite a bit of manipulative language and hyperbole. They talk about taking the survey as “helping out” without being clear who our personal data is being used to help. They talk of “creating a better future for anime”, without making clear what their vision of a better future actually amounts to. Etc… etc…

    And once they have the data… as Karandi points out, it’s not clear what they’re going to do with it. They have no money, no connections, no academic credentials, nothing. Nothing but a webserver and a paper thin privacy policy.

  3. They wanted my zip code? Why the he’ll do they need my zip code? *is kind of creeped out*

    I wish I could take a survey through a more legit source…

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