Sometimes you’ve just gotta challenge yourself, right? Right. And that’s exactly what me and a couple of university friends are doing.

We’ve all decided to participate in the 2018 Anime Challenge. Sure, it’s already nearly mid-April, but it’s better to start later than never, yeah?

Taking the concept from MyAnimeList, our  “Challenge Leader” and his housemates handpicked the challenge criteria to try and form the most interesting lists for everyone. It covered everything from watching an anime from the 1960s to watch anime from China or Korea.

I’ll be keeping everyone up-to-date via Twitter and I’ll most certainly be making reviews and articles on each series I watch here on AGAHA. The following are all the shows I will be watching because of this challenge, as well as their prompts:

  1. Watch a short with six or more episodes: Wakaba*Girl
  2. Watch an anime which aired between 2000-2009: K-On!
  3. Watch an anime with 20 or more episodes: Kuroko no Basket
  4. Watch an anime with less than 5,000 or more completed members: Rocket Girls
  5. Watch a Gourmet or Magical Girl themed anime: Sailor Moon
  6. Watch an anime tagged with 4 or more genres: Kuzu no Honkai
  7. Watch an anime suggested by MAL or Anime+: Tatami Galaxy
  8. Watch a stand-alone OVA: Baja no Studio
  9. Watch a movie with a duration of 90 minutes or longer: Vampire Hunter D
  10. Watch a Korean or Chinese anime: Quan Zhi Gai Shou 

    Eve no Jikan
  11. Watch an anime by a studio with 3-30 anime in MAL’s database: Eve no Jikan
  12. Watch an anime from your least favourite studio on Anime+: Ray The Animation
  13. Watch an anime with a voice actor that has voiced in 5 or less anime: BanG! Dream
  14. Watch an anime that began airing between 1980 and 1989: Space Cobra
  15. Watch an anime that began airing between 1990 and 1999: Sailor Moon
  16. Watch an anime with 35 or more episodes: Sailor Moon
  17. Watch an anime adapted from a game: 18if
  18. Watch a completed anime with a popularity 2,001: Vatican Kiseki Chousakan
  19. Watch a completed anime with less than 2,500 completed members: Usagi to Kame
  20. Watch a completed anime with more in PTW than Completed: Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens

    Mang Huang Ji
  21. Watch an anime scored less by 50 users: Mang Huang Ji
  22. Watch an anime with a main cast of primarily one gender: Sanrio Danshi
  23. Watch an anime with 3 or more human adults as the main cast: Shirobako
  24. Watch an anime set outside Japan but still on Earth: Kuroshitsuji: Book of the Atlantic
  25. Watch anime tagged as Dementia, Psychological and/or Thriller: Genius Party
  26. Watch an anime that was recently reviewed: No Game No Life
  27. Watch a completed anime with a synopsis by MAL Rewrite: Koi to Uso
  28. Watch an anime with a special character in its title: Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan
  29. Watch an anime which starts with the last letter of your username: xxxHoLiC
  30. Watch an anime which ends with the first letter of your username: Miira no Kaikata

    Konbini Kareshi
  31. An anime which four or more main characters have natural hair colours: Konbini Kareshi
  32. Watch a movie with a duration of 120 minutes or more: Vampire Hunter D
  33. Human cast with 5 or more humans as the main cast: The Royal Tutor
  34. An alternative version to something you’ve completed: She & Her Cat: Everything Flows
  35. One of the 5 lowest anime by your favourite studio on Anime+: Tonari no Onigiri-kun
  36. Watch the anime that began airing the same day you joined MAL: Battle Spirits Season 7
  37. Watch an anime that began airing between 1917 and 1959: Usagi to Kame
  38. Watch an anime that began airing between 1960 and 1979: Mirai Shounen Conan
  39. Watch an anime with 50 episodes or more: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
  40. Watch an anime with episodes 30 minutes or longer: Bubblegum Crisis

    Sailor Moon Crystal
  41. Watch a related anime aired 15 years before/after another series: Sailor Moon Crystal
  42. Watch an anime adapted from a card game: Battle Spirits Season 7
  43. Watch an anime adapted from radio or music: BanG Dream!
  44. Watch an anime adapted from a manga rated 6.5: Pupa
  45. Watch a completed anime with a score of 5.0: Pupa
  46. Watch a completed anime with a popularity 5,001: Yo! Daitouryou Trap-kun
  47. Watch a completed anime with less than 1,000 completed members: Usagi to Kame
  48. Watch a completed anime with less than 5 favourites on MAL: Usagi to Kame
  49. Watch an anime with a non-humanoid main cast: She & Her Cat: Everything Flows
  50. An anime which combines your favourite and least favourite genres: Yona of the Dawn

    Ito Junji: Collection
  51. Watch an anime rated R+: Ito Junji: Collection
  52. Watch anime tagged Shounen Ai or Shoujo Ai: Strawberry Panic
  53. Watch an anime tagged with 7 genres: Genius Party
  54. Watch the anime that the Challenge Leader gave you: Parasyte
  55. Watch a completed anime that hasn’t been reviewed: Mang Huang Ji
  56. Watch an anime with no OPs or EDs listed on MAL: Mang Huang Ji
  57. Watch a completed anime which doesn’t have a discussion thread: Mang Huang Ji
  58. Finish an on-hold or dropped anime: Girls und Panzer
  59. Watch an anime with six or more main characters with natural hair: Wake Up, Girls!

It’s a long list, sure. But this is helping me watch a) more anime in general, b) more genres, and is also helping me cut down my never-ending MAL somewhat. Of course, several series appear more than once on this challenge for the sake of making it slightly easier. (It’s not exactly easy to find shows with some of this criteria!)

If you’re interested in having your own anime challenge for 2018 four months late, you can check out the original thread on MAL here.

Personally, it’s going to be challenging, what with dissertations and assignments to write still, but as soon as the end of May is here, I’ll be sure to watch any of these shows that I haven’t watched before then.

As previously mentioned, keep your out on my Twitter and on this very blog for any updates to this challenge!

Until next time!

Amelia xo


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