The world of anime, if you’re just venturing out, is a big, scary looking mess of animation. There’s all these colourful looking cover arts and genres named in an – often – unfamiliar language.

That’s right! Now that university is over, it’s time to resume Anime For All – this time on a weekly basis again! We’re kicking things off again with the Josei genre! Josei is usually aimed at women in their late teens into adulthood, but that shouldn’t mean that people in other demographics can’t watch them!

This week, the shows I’m recommending are from a variety of different genres outside of Josei. For a cute slife-of-life, I’m recommending Usagi Drop. For all you romantics out there, I’m recommending Nodame Cantabile. Or, if you want a drama based in a time gone by, I’m recommending Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu.

These shows are available to be streamed on the following platforms, just be wary of regional differences!

  • Crunchyroll

I couldn’t find any platforms streaming Nodame Cantible as of writing, however I will definitely update this post if one becomes available!

Nevertheless, what are these all about? Let’s find out!

I pinky promise Usagi Drop is worth your time!

Usagi Drop follows the story of Daikichi – a thirty-year old bachelor. After his grandfather’s passing, he returns to his family home in order to pay his repsects. However, whilst there he meets a mysterious girl named Rin who turns out to be his grandfather’s illegitmate daughter! Deemed as an embarassmanet to the family and ostracised, Rin now has no relatives willing to look after her. Angered by his relatives, Daikichi agrees to take her in, despite having no prior childbearing experience. The show is Daikichi’s journey through fatherhood and is a journey that will warm your heart. Approximate time to finish: 4 hours


In his fourth year of university, Shinichi stumbles upon Megumi Noda. A seemingly unkempt girl, she is in fact a talented pianist. When Shinichi hears her play for the first time, he is in awe, but, when he discovers that she is his neighbour, Shinichi can’t help but feel dismayed. Even worse, he soon discovers that Megumi is heads over heels for him… If you liked Your Lie in April, but wished for more comedy, Nodame Cantabile is perfect for you! Approximate time to complete: 8.4 hours


Finally, this is something I debated putting my History edition, but I eventually decided to put it here instead! Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu (commonly known as just Rakugo) follows the story of Yotarou, a former yakuza member who is keen to get into the art of rakugo, a form of Japanese comedy, instead of getting into trouble! Inspired by a performance by the distinguished Yakumo Yuurakutei, he sets off on aa mission to meet the man who changed his life and eventually becomes Yakumo’s first apprentice! As he begins his training, he also meets Konatsu, the daughter of a prolific rakugo performer. Yotarou gradually learners about her late father and is drawn to learning more about her father’s style of rakugo. Upon seeing this, old memories and feelings return to Yakumo who reminisces about a much earlier time when he made a promise with his greatest rival. Rakugo is thus set in both the past and the present as it explores the art of rakugo, the relationships it creates and those dedicated to keeping the art alive. Approximate time to complete: 5.6 hours (first season only)

That’s all for this segment of Anime for All! What do you think of these recommendations? Have you seen any? Have you been persuaded to check some out? Do you have any of your own suggestions? Let me know in the comment section below!

Until next time!

Amelia xo

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