It’s that time of the season where I reflect on the shows I began watching this season!

So, this is a little later than I would have liked, but I’m miles behind with some of this season’s anime anyway, so it averages out quite alright for me. I thought Winter 2018 had gone quick, but Spring seems to have gone a lot quicker? Not only that, but I’ve actually managed to stay up-to-date with some series! (Makes a change, huh?)

There’s no point wasting time with this chit-chat, so let’s get down to business, shall we?


Persona 5 has been a great watch so far. Although I’m familiar with a lot of the original game, I hadn’t seen the first three awakenings, so the anime for me personally covered these really well. Sure, the animation is somewhat questionable at times, but the show has certainly been a good summary of the game. To squeeze in so many hours of gameplay in a two-cour show was definitely rightly questioned, but I don’t think A-1 is doing a completely bad job at it! This is definitely remaining on my Watching list for the time being!


Devils Line is one of the anime this season that a lot of people started watching but not many people are continuing with. Don’t get me wrong, I can see why – it has many flaws. The characters are somewhat two-dimensional and, well, they do throw about plot twists like they’re hot potatoes. Despite that, there’s something about the show that keeps me watching it. I’ve fallen behind by a couple of episodes, but it’s more than likely that I’ll catch up very soon. Whether I go on to complete it may be another story…


Uh, so, Butlers: Chitose Momotose Monogatari has to be the most average show this season. And I want to emphasise the word ‘average’ there. A third of the way through the show and there’s plenty of flaws. There’s a plot, but no plot progression. The second episode was more or less a fanservice episode straight away, although, granted it did have a little bit of purpose, I guess?? From what I can gather, the show gets significantly better in the newest few episodes, so I’ll keep watching, however, from my current point of view, if I don’t drop it before the half-way point, I can definitely imagine see this being a hard one to finish.


Ah, Aggretsuko. I did review this show earlier this month, but, for those who haven’t read that post, I’ll do a quick summary. Combatting stereotypes of both appearences and gender whilst using the cutest anime character I’ve seen in a long time, Aggretsuko was a pleasure to watch from start to finish. If you haven’t seen it already, please do! It’s available to watch on Netflix and they’re all 15 minute episodes, so it’s really easy to binge!


Ah, yes. The obligatory “I forgot that this was airing series” that is Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai. Honestly? I don’t know why I didn’t start watching this, but I probably should have watched this instead of the questionably average shows I have been watching this season. Eh, hindsight is a wonderful thing. If I have a chance, I’ll definitely check it out. I’ve certainly not ruled it out.

So, if I haven’t watched Tada-kun, which is arguably the second-best non-sequel romance anime of the season, what have I watched instead?

Eh, well…


Mahou Shoujo Ore was one of the shows I watched instead. I began watching this as a joke. I really did. It was premise so ridiculous that I just had to watch the first episode. But then I enjoyed it. I continued watching, wrote a first impressions of it and then continued watching more.  In my previous post, I said “you either love it or you hate it” with the tone of me somewhat enjoying it. I, uh… I’m curious as to whether it does actually get better, but the last few episodes since that post have been disappointing to say the least. Don’t even mention Episode 5 to me.


Ah, Uma Musume. This is yet another show which I began watching as a joke, but this is one I still truly enjoy. I covered my thoughts on this show significantly in my post about it last month, so I don’t really have the need to talk about it again until my final review. (Unless something interesting happens…) For now, just know that I am still watching this magnificent anime – I’m just a few episodes behind for the time being.


This was a surprise. Having never watched Sword Art Online, I didn’t expect myself to be watching Gun Gale Online – the alternative setting. However, after watching it with a group of friends, I have quite enjoyed watching it! Definitely not a show that was on my radar, but it’s definitely one that I’m glad I picked up and I’ll definitely be continuing to watch it!


Mahou Shoujo Site is a tricky one. I was seemingly one of the rare people who didn’t actually find anything to complain about the show, but this is arguably the one show of which I’ve fallen behind on the most. I have been keeping up with forum discussions (avoiding spoilers!) and I’ll likely continue to watch it and catch up, especially now that I have more time.


And finally, Fumikiri Jikan – a cute little show that I just started watching because it was short and accessible on Crunchyroll. It’s a little up and down in terms of the quality, but it’s such an easy watch all things considered. I’m just hoping for a little more continuity…

And that wraps everything up at long last! Whew!

What have you been watching this season? What have you enjoyed? What haven’t you enjoyed? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time!

– Amelia xo

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