Alrighty, so it’s been a while but life has truly been hectic what with moving and having a vacation. It’s an excuse I use a lot but we’re back in the game!

And today, I have something really, really exciting to announce for the blog. I know a lot of bloggers already have segments like this but it’s nice to share things, right? Yup, I’m introducing a community spotlight segement to A Girl & Her Anime!


However, unlike other bloggers’ who do it perhaps weekly or every fortnight, AGAHA‘s is going to be every month. Ideally the last Friday of every month so we can celebrate getting through another month as well as the community’s success and talent!

Another difference is that this segment is primarily nomination-based. There’s now a little button on the right-hand sidebar (albeit a very low quality for the time being) that should take you to the place where you can nominate someone to be featured! You can do this anonymously, if you so wish.


It doesn’t matter if the nominee is a blogger, artist, music producer or anything else. They could do anything! The only catch is is that they have to at least make content that is related to anime, gaming or K-Pop. That’s the only catch. Simple, right?

So… What are you waiting for? Nominations are officially open and the first official post for this new segment is happening Friday 29th June, so get nominating!

Until next time!

Amelia xo


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