The world of anime, if you’re just venturing out, is a big, scary looking mess of animation. There’s all these colourful looking cover arts and genres named in an – often – unfamiliar language.

Romance is an aspect of most anime no matter what their primary genre is, so it took a fairly long think about what to include in this edition of Anime for All! Nevertheless, romance is one of my favourite genres to watch, so it was quite pleasant to search for the perfect trio to share!

As always, I’ve picked a selection of different storylines to share with all of you. This week, I’m suggesting Sukitte Ii na yo., a story of learning what love is, Ore Monogatari!!, a love story about an ‘unusual’ pair, and Koi to Uso, which is a story set in a world where your marriage partner is assigned to you by the government.

You can watch these shows on the following platforms:

  • HiDive
  • Amazon
  • Crunchyroll
  • Hulu
  • Yahoo!
  • Anime Lab

So what are these love stories actually about? Let’s take a look, shall we?


“Friends will only let you down” is something that Mei Tachibana learnt at a young age after being blamed for the death of a class pet. Since then, she’s stayed away from people in order to avoid making friends and getting hurt again. However, Mei’s life begins to change in high school when she meets the popular student Yamato Kurosawa after a big misunderstanding. Yamato finds Mei intriguing and is persistent in wanting to be friends. Mei doesn’t want anything to do with him, but when Yamato ends up kissing her in order to save her from the unwanted attention of a stalker, Mei starts developing feelings for him. Despite misunderstandings, Mei and Yamato learn to become closer to one another and eventually they both learn the true meaning of the words, “I love you.” Approximate time to finish: 5.2 hours


Being tall and muscular, Takeo Gouda doesn’t exactly look like your typical freshman, yet behind his intimidating looks is a heart full of a gold. Despite being told he’s chivalrous and courageous by the boys, these traits don’t help him with his love life. In fact, his looks scare the opposite sex away and this isn’t helped due to his best friend, the cool and handsome Makoto Sunakawa, stealing the hearts of every girl that Takeo has liked. When Takeo saves the cute and angelic Rinko Yamato from being molested, he instantly falls in love with her. Despite this, Takeo suspects that Rinko is in love with Makoto and selflessly decides to act as Cupid, even if his own love story is put on hold… Approximate time to finish: 8.8 hours


At some point in the future, Japan has decided to implement a complex system called “The Red Threads of Science” to encourage successful marriages and combat low birth rates. Based on calculations on how compatible people are with one another, marriage partners are assigned at the age of sixteen with severe repercussions awaiting those who disobey this. For Yukari Nejima, this might be his best shot of living a fulfilling life. Yet, spurred on by his infatuation for his classmate and long-time crush, Misaki Takasaki, Yukari defies the system and declares his love. This isn’t to last, however, as Yukari soon receives his marriage notice and is thrown into a confusing and complex web of love and lies… Approximate time to finish: 4.8 hours

So, have you seen any of these? What are your thoughts on them? Have you discovered a new romance? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time!

– Amelia xo

15 thoughts on “3 Romance Anime That You’ll Love || Anime For All

  1. I really love Ore Monogatari. Though my favourite romances are probably Snow White with the Red Hair and Kimi ni Todoke. Both of those are just really special.

  2. I think I’m up to date on Koi to Uso and I’m so frustrated by it! I’m not much of a Misaki fan––I love Lilina, and it annoys me how clueless Nejima is. But I’ll keep reading, and hopefully I won’t be frustrated at the end. I’ve been meaning to read Sukitte Ii na yo though, and Ore Monogatari sounds interesting!! My favorite romance so far is Yona of the Dawn, though it hasn’t gotten any fulfillment yet in the romance department. But it’ll get there, after they drag it out for what may be years of my life.

  3. Loved Ore Monogatari!! because it got past the “will-they-or-won’t-they confess” BS that usually fills romances… They got that out of the way early and spent the bulk of the show actually working with the unlikely pair actually working out their relationship.

    I especially love Takeo because he’s so cluelessly over-the-top.

    1. Koi to Uso is definitely worth a watch if you’re interested in the genre, but I personally wouldn’t put it on a pedestal. Still, if you do end up watching it, let me know what you think!

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