It’s finally that time of the month again! It’s time to celebrate fandoms! Yes, that’s right. I’m actually sticking to a schedule now… Welcome to the second edition of Fandom Friday!

In the last edition, I introduced you guys to AJ – the anime community’s English cover producer version of One Punch Man’s Saitama.  This time, however, I’m featuring someone who may be a familiar name to some of you reading this. No doubt as well that they’ll be a little surprised when they get notified of this…

I wonder who I’m talking about…

If anything, I’m sure if the notifications haven’t worked, they’ll probably know I’m talking about them now that I’ve posted a picture of Chrollo (and the fact that their username is on the cover image). That’s right. In this edition of Fandom Friday, I’m featuring follow anime blogger, Ahoge Girl!

Ahoge Girl, or Molly, crept into the anime blogging sphere in October 2017, which is probably less recent than people may realise, but since then she has managed to produce some quality content, some of which I’ll be mentioning in this post. I know for a fact she’ll be quite surprised at this, but hey, Molly – bear with me.

To begin with, Molly dived in by sharing her favourite OPs and reviewing shows such as Nanbaka, Oreimo, Bungo Stray Dogs and Devilman Crybaby. I would argue, however, that her blog received more and more traffic from her participation in the 30 Day Anime Challenge, where she covered topics such as her favourite sidekick and where she took it upon herself to defend Black Clover against the many, many complaints it received. And her “controversial” opinions don’t stop there, either.


One of Molly’s most popular posts is probably one that you’ve read before. Ecchi in Anime, Written by a Female. is a post that is written superbly. Not only does the post get the points across to the many, many readers it attracted thanks to the popularity it got on Reddit, but it showcases Molly’s personality. This is something I love about blogging – getting to see the author’s personality and, personally, when reading Molly’s posts, I feel like I’m talking to her in the same room. I realise that sounds incredibly cliché, but you get the gist.

The same personality that I see in her blog posts is also seen in her commenting on others’ posts, replying to comments on her blog and on her Twitter feed. Scrolling through this, you can see she’s not afraid to hide the fact that she’s massively into Hunter x Hunter, amongst other fandoms, and she’s herself. Not only that, but the amount of art that she shares that makes me want to watch HxH is just too much to count. 

So, here we are. An absolutely genuine, fellow anime-blogger, who’s not afraid to share her opinions. All of this, for me, really is the definition of a fandom – discussing ideas, shows and having a laugh all at the same time. And, hey. Whilst we’re on the topic, go and read her post on fandoms – yet another superb piece!

You can check out Molly’s blog here!


Have you got a favourite creator that contributes something a fandom? Maybe they’re a blogger. Maybe they’re a singer. A tattoo artist. An oil painter. They could do anything, but as long as they create something, you can nominate them here and they’ll get featured on A Girl & Her Anime!

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