This will only be a brief review, but it’s been one that should have appeared on this blog a long time ago. I first wrote about this show and the awkward high school crushes over a year ago, so… How did I actually find Tsurezure Children?

For those of you who don’t know, the premise of Tsurezure Children is a simple one, but one that works incredibly well. The series depicts various different high schoolers who begin to experience love for the very first time, whether that’s a positive or negative experience for them. It’s something we’ve all gone through at some point and that’s what makes this show great. With the amount of characters in the show, the viewer can easily find a character that perhaps fits them or their friends and see them in, perhaps, similar situations to what they’ve experienced in reality.


In some way or another, the couples in Tsurezure Children are already established, which, although such a small thing, makes it somewhat different to other romances. Sure, there’s still the awkwardness fumbling, but there’s bound to be some of that when it’s your first time in a relationship and experiencing love. What there isn’t is the usual introductions. You dive straight in with names hardly mentioned, no backgrounds spoken about… All you get is their appearences and their personalities and you’re suddenly eavesdropping into a conversation between them and their crush. It’s an unusual, atypical way of doing things, but it somehow works really well, which I was pleasantly surprised about.

As I’ve previously mentioned, I love the animation style. Its prettiness remained consistent right from the first episode to the final one,  something that higher budget, longer and bigger shows often fail to do. The OST remained to be quite happy-go-lucky, continuing to match each different scenario as I had hoped it would. In fact, I began to appreciate the OP more and more as the series went on – it has a youthful sound to it, with what I want to call sprinkles of hope and enthusiasm. That sounds weird on paper, maybe (it was even weird to write), but if you give it a listen you’ll be able to hear what I mean. At least, I hope so. As for the ED, it’s not really my favourite, nor is it anything special, but it does have a romantic vibe going for it, particularly so when it’s played faintly in the background of a cute dialogue.


I had previously said that, even though each episode is only 12 minutes long, there really isn’t a need for it to be longer and, well, I’ve certainly changed my mind on that. Perhaps the episode duration doesn’t need to be changed, but I would love to see a little more of the show. Even if the original 4-koma has finished, I would love to see what happens to each of the couples in the future. Hopefully, they’re all happy, but who knows?

Really, though, my opinion hasn’t changed all too much from my original thoughts on this show. It’s a lovely, wholesome romance anime that is incredibly reminiscent of high school and college, where myself and my friends were experiencing love for the first time. If you want a sweet little show that isn’t even going to take two hours of your time to watch, I strongly recommend Tsurezure Children for you!

Rating: 7/10

5 thoughts on “Wholesome First Loves: Tsurezure Children Review

  1. This was one I didn’t end up getting into during the season but I did intend to get back to it once it was done and still haven’t. Thanks for reminding me about this series.

  2. Someone described Tsurezure Children as a “romance anime with all the filler edited out”. Can’t find myself disagreeing. I was turned on to it by one of my regular commenters, and loved the heck out of it.

    1. That’s a good way of describing it! I’m glad you loved it – it’s certainly one of the more likeable shows in my opinion!

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