I know I’ve teased you guys for such a long time about having an announcement and I’m sorry about that, but the good news is that it’s finally here!

For this special announcement, I’ve taken to a new medium just so I get a little practice in. (You’ll see why in the video!) It is long. I ramble. I’m sorry.

I’ve actually been teasing a lot to do with this over on my Instagram and on my other Twitter account (i.e. not the AGAHA one), so to some of you it may not come as a surprise… Nevertheless, I can’t wait to see your reactions, haha. It’s some big news after all!

Until next time!

– Amelia x


7 thoughts on “That Important Announcement I Keep Going On About…

  1. Who…off to China for a year huh?? That is a long time, but it is also very cool!! You seem to have a lot of things happening and a lot of goals too! I wish you the best and good luck with everything!! (And above all have fun in China!! 😊😊).

  2. China baby. Awww you surprised me with your video, your so cute. I wish you all the best In China and look forward to your future content 👧🏻

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