After a bit of a delay due to my little hiatus, it’s time for Fandom Friday! Yup, it’s that time of the month where we like to celebrate talent and find new creators to follow within the anime, gaming and K-Pop communities!

In the last edition, I featured ahogegirl, a fellow anime blogger, who is just so genuine and who isn’t afraid to voice their opinions! This time, I’m also going to be featuring another blogger. They’ve been a recent discovery for me personally, but I find their blog to be so interesting and inspiring, particularly as a cosplayer.


Cosplay is certainly a creative thing to do, whether you buy your costumes or if you make them yourself, and I’m always impressed by those who put in so much time and effort to make their own props. So, ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce to you – Yuudapi! If their name doesn’t ring any bells, I’ll give you a quick rundown on what they do.

Yuudapi has only been around for a couple of months, but that doesn’t mean their work isn’t impressive. Whether it was their ‘scribbles’ from 2012 (as seen on their Facebook) or it’s their latest prop blueprints, I can’t help but feel that Yuudapi is a somewhat talented creator.


I’ve been enjoying delving into their blog archives and seeing the progress they’re making on their plans of an Attack on Titan sword. As someone who cosplays and yet as someone who cannot make props for the life of me (see my attempt with my Tōko Fukawa Danganronpa cosplay), I find it absolutely fascinating to see how a prop should actually come together, especially a prop that’s so expensive to buy!

I think even if you’re not a cosplayer, it’d be quite fascinating to see the step by step process of it all and, personally, I hope Yuudapi continues to share these simply great posts with anime and cosplaying communities.

You can check out Yuudapi’s blog here!


Have you got a favourite creator that contributes something to a fandom? Maybe they’re a blogger. Maybe they’re a singer. A tattoo artist. An oil painter. They could do anything, but as long as they create something, you can nominate them here and they’ll get featured on A Girl & Her Anime! (And hey, your input is even more important now that I’m moving to China!)

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