A couple of weeks ago, I was tagged in a tweet from Mallow of Secluded Observation, asking to describe myself using three fictional characters.

At the time, I didn’t respond due to a couple of reasons. The first one being that my parents were visiting me at the time so I was spending time with them and not really focusing my attention on Twitter, so I kinda missed the whole party there. (Although I soon regretted it, going through my Twitter notifications later…) The second reason was that I was planning to do a post talking about the anime characters I’m similar to during this week anyway. So, because I feel bad about not replying, I thought why not combine my blogging plans with the Twitter tag?

I always find it difficult to do these sort of tags, because I feel like I’m often too positive about my own personality, but hopefully, this one should be more realistic than usual. I’m sure my IRL friends will soon correct me if I’m wrong. They’re free to do so.

That being said, who is the first character I feel like I’m similar to?

Without a doubt, I am quite like Usagi from Sailor Moon. Without. A. Doubt. Okay, I’m not entirely like her (I like to think I’m not that much of a crybaby), but we certainly have our similarities. For starters, we’re both incredibly clumsy. I have always been clumsy, I always will be. I have walked into several lamposts, tripped over my own shadow and spilt goodness how much food down me over the past 22 years and I don’t see that stopping any time soon. Speaking of food, that’s a good segue into my next point – we both love food. Give me food and you will be my best friend. I will say that I’m going on a diet and within a minute I’ll be chewing on a chocolate-covered snack from 7-Eleven. It’s just too good to give up, I’m sorry.  Oh, and did I mention sleeping? I love sleeping. Naps are essential to me in my daily life, like a certain magical girl heroine, yes?

In a slightly more serious manner, another character I’m similar to is Haruhi Fujioka from Ouran High School Host ClubOuran was the first anime I ever completed, so I don’t really know if Haruhi’s personality shaped my own or if I was like this beforehand, but nevertheless, there are some clear similarities. Haruhi is a very kindhearted person and I do like to think that I’m also a kind person. I do often struggle to say ‘no’ and try to help people as much as I can… Haruhi is also one to give advice to others and I’ve been in that situation more times than I can count. Whether I give good advice, though, is a debate for another day. That all being said, despite the kindness that she has within her, Haruhi can also be quite sarcastic  – a trait that I also share. Although it has got me into trouble a couple of times, I rely on my sarcasm for the sake of making others laugh. It doesn’t happen often, sure, because I’m terrible at jokes, but my well-timed sarcastic comments seem to get a chuckle from other people every now and again.

And, finally, the last character I would compare myself to is no other than Retsuko from Aggretsuko. Retsuko and I share one physical feature, believe it or not, and that is – we’re small. We’re petite. However, of course the similarities don’t end there. Retsuko is quite shy and, honestly, I can be quite shy too, especially when meeting people for the first time or when around people I don’t really know too well. I’m getting better at this as time goes on, sure, but it is a trait that I definitely have had for a long time now. Not only that, but like I’ve said earlier, I have a difficult time saying ‘no’ to people and I want to please people. Retsuko also has this difficulty, for she wants to please her hard to please seniors in preparing a cup of tea for them or working overtime to do their work for them. I’ve been there myself. It sucks. Retsuko, however, is a determined one and I admire this about her. Personally, I can be a little lazy, sure, but once I want to do something, I will be ever so determined to do it. I also think I’ve complained about my own shitty bosses plenty of times as well…

So, they are three anime characters that I am similar to! There are loads more out there which I could have chosen, but these are the three I decided to pick for this. Maybe I’ll revisit this topic again another day and share some others. Of course, feel free to argue with me about my choices if you know my personality IRL!

What about you, though? What anime characters would you say you’re similar to? Let me know in the comment section below!

Until next time!

– Amelia x

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