This is something that has taken quite a while to do, but I’ve finally done it.

That’s right. As you can probably guess, I’ve actually started uploading onto AGAHA’s YouTube channel! For now, it’s just an introduction to the channel, but come Saturday, there will be more content on there. You can watch the video here.

I first mentioned having a YouTube channel for AGAHA back in 2017 and, well, it didn’t quite happen. In true Amelia style, I am, of course, going to blame my time at university. It became hectic. I just didn’t have the time.

Now, though, I currently do have the time. Admist applying for jobs and volunteering at my local library, I’ve got the time to film and edit videos and also write blog posts, albeit it taking quite a while for me to get a routine sorted.

The channel, like I mention in the video, will feature new types of content as well as reviews and discussions. I’m hoping to eventually revive some music-related content on there as well as making some gaming content on there in the future. (Although, that might not be for a while considering how unreliable my laptop is.)

If you’re interested in sticking around over there, don’t forget to subscribe! It’s all very excting at the moment and I hope it all goes well. Videos should be uploaded every Saturday.

As well as starting a YouTube channel, I’ve also opened an anime Instagram account. There is already content on there, but it’s another way of keeping up to date with what I’m doing if you prefer to use the ‘gram. You can follow over at agirlandheranime!

It’s not all going to end there, though. I’m continuously revamping the blog, updating old blog posts (like I did with this one the other day) and making sure everything is somewhat consistent. That’s going to take a while in itself, but I’ll be really happy once it’s all finished!

This was just a quick update, but normal content will resume from tomorrow with an update on my Summer 2019 watching!

Until next time!

– Amelia x

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