It’s been a while, but look what’s back! Anime For All is making a return!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Anime For All, this is a series here on A Girl & Her Anime where I pick three anime to highlight based on a theme. I’ve already done quite a few posts for this series (the ecchi one is still one of my most popular posts of all time!), but there’s always anime to be recommended so here we go for round 2!

The aim with Anime For All is to highlight shows that I think are good for veterans and newbies alike, so don’t worry! There’s usually nothing too weird.

In this edition, we’re going to be looking at movies! I think movies are a very good way to introduce anime to someone new to the medium. Movies cover all the genres there are, so there’s definitely a movie for everyone. That being said, these movies are just three movies that I would recommend everyone to see!

Wolf Children (2012) – Fantasy, Slice of Life

This is one of the cutest movies I’ve seen. Directed by Mamoru Hosoda, Wolf Children follows the story of Hana – a hard-working university student who falls in love with a mysterious man. As it turns out, he is not human. When it is a full moon, he transforms into a werewolf and it turns out he is the last werewolf alive. Hana’s love for him remains strong and the two of them decide to start a family. Eventually, Hana gives birth to two healthy children – Ame and Yuki – whom both inherited the ability to turn into wolves from their father. However, the sudden death of her lover devastates Hana’s life and she is left to raise a rather peculiar family single-handedly. She decides to move to the countryside in an attempt to hide Ame and Yuki from the judgements of a bustling urban society. Wolf Children, then, is the heart-warming story about the challenges of being a single mother in an unforgiving modern world.

Wolf Children is 1 hour and 57 minutes long. You can watch it on Funimation and AnimeLab, depending on your region.

The House of Small Cubes (2008) – Drama

If you’re pushed for time, this is a movie for you. If you want a little cry, this also the movie for you. The House of Small Cubes is a short movie which follows an old man living in a flooded town as he constantly builds new floors to his house in an attempt to keep dry. When his favourite smoking pipe falls into the water below, he not only dives into the depths of his own house but also the depths of his memories. The film explores the everlasting effect on one’s life, how it can swallow up the past completely and how one must learn to continue moving forward despite what has already happened.

The House of Small Cubes is 12 minutes long. It is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video.

Howl’s Moving Castle (2004) – Adventure, Fantasy, Romance

To do a list of anime movie recommendations and not mention Studio Ghibli would be a crime. Thus, here is my recommendation to break into the world of arguably the most well-known anime studio. Howl’s Moving Castle follows Sophie – the daughter of a hatter. One day, she finds herself in a rather disturbing situation and is rescued by the famous magician-cum-womanizer, Howl. Although only a brief encounter, this spurs a need for revenge onto the Witch of the Waste in a fit of jealousy, cursing Sophie to appear as a frail old woman. To reverse the curse, Sophie must accompany Howl and his many companions who live in his living castle on a dangerous adventure, with war threatening to tear their kingdom apart.

Howl’s Moving Castle is 1 hour and 59 minutes long. There are no streams for this movie, but you can buy a physical copy of it on Amazon.

So, there are my three movie recommendations for both veteran fans and new fans of anime alike! Have you seen any of these? What are your thoughts? What movies would you recommend people to see? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time!

– Amelia xo

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    1. Howl’s Moving Castle is my favourite Ghibli, so maybe I’m a little bit biased… But I do think it’s a good introduction to Ghibli films!

  1. Howl’s Moving Castle is a great pick, it’s probably my favourite Studio Ghibli film. I also think Castle in the Sky and Spirited Away are films that people who don’t usually watch anime can enjoy.

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