It’s been four years since I first created A Girl & Her Anime.

The fourth anniversary of my little anime-filled corner of the Internet was actually at the start of the month, so this post is a little late. However, I’ve been debating on what to do to mark the occasion, and wanted to take my time on it. After having a couple of conversations with some of my friends, I’ve finally come to a conclusion.

Major change is coming to AGAHA. There are a couple of tiers to these changes, so I’ll go through them in terms of size, from the biggest to the smallest.

After four years, I’m finally making an monetary investment into the blog and I have decided that it’s time I try purchasing a domain. Shortly, the official URL for the site should be – a lot easier to say and share than the original, don’t you think? The decision to do this mostly came from a promise I made myself once the blog began to gain views, but I have been close to talking myself out of it. Thanks to friends, I’ve realised that there really isn’t a better time to try it out.

Because of the smarter-looking URL, I have also (finally!) begun the cleanup process. This is something that was completely overdue and it’s something that I have mentioned I have wanted to do before (the most recent mention being September 2019!) and I can’t wait to go through old blog posts and have a bit of a nostalgic spell. Once a post has been brushed up, I’ll post the link on Twitter, so keep an eye out for any reviews and posts you might have missed before!

As for new posts, I certainly have a few ideas and there are a few posts in my drafts waiting to come out. I may need to rethink my ideal posting schedule, but I think a little compromise here is worthwhile in the grand scheme of things.

And finally, with a new domain and old posts being cleaned up, it’ll finally be time to have a complete makeover. Graphic design isn’t my strongest skill, so that’s why I’m saving this until last – I can contemplate the direction I want to take the blog’s design and experiment slightly with colours and styles, as well as have time to look in to recruiting other people to help out, should I need it.

Ultimately, this is going to take a lot of time and effort, but I do believe that it’s what I need to do in order to regain my focus on the blog again. I know I want to branch out and cover other topics again (although ones that are still related!) but I feel as if the blog’s archive could instill some much needed inspiration as well.

So, before I disappear into the world of proofreading, I just want to give you guys a quick question: is there anything you’d like to see on A Girl & Her Anime? Are there any topics you’d like me to cover in the future? I’m always open to receive feedback and I will always take on board your ideas, just leave your suggestions as a comment below or feel free to get in touch on Twitter or via email!

That’s all I’m going to say for now, but thank you all so, so much for supporting me throughout the last four years. I haven’t been the most active in the last four months, but your continued supprot has blow me away. I wouldn’t be doing this without you guys, so thank you so much!

Here’s to another 4 years of blogging!

8 thoughts on “4 Years, Domains, and Changes

  1. Congrats on the four years! I hope I can stick around for that long as well, which would happen a bit after your seventh aniversary! As for content I’d like to see.. mostly I would like to see what the blog owner really loves. Like your all time favorites, your guilty pleasures, something you love in anime despite it maybe not being popular.. Show us Amelia and her anime!

  2. “is there anything you’d like to see on A Girl & Her Anime? Are there any topics you’d like me to cover in the future? ”

    I’ll second what Pinkie said! There’s one thing that your site can give the world that no other site can: your perspective! I’d love to see more of that.

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