It breaks my heart to see the lack of content I’ve produced this year.

Of course, this isn’t entirely my fault. Sure, I could have spared an hour here or there writing a blog post. I didn’t, but I definitely could have, had I had the motivation to do so. For some reason, I really haven’t felt the push to write a lot this year. I don’t really have the inspiration to write even now. Arguably, this is just your run of the mill case of burnout. Arguably, this is due to the fact I haven’t been watching anime recently and, once I get into more of a routine, that is something I hope to fix. Either way, it’s a bit of a problem when you’re trying to run a blog.

In the meantime, I do have some content planned for the near future. I’m not letting this entire blog die just because of my lack of motivation! I’ve managed to pick up a couple of manga recently, so I’m planning to do some content around that. Looking ahead to November, I’ve also planned out this year’s No Way November segment, I can’t believe it has already come around? Doesn’t seem like it’s been almost a year since I watched JoJo for the first time! (And I still haven’t rounded that up from last year, oopsie… Time to add that to the to-do list!)

That doesn’t mean I’m skipping October, though! In fact, it’s quite the opposite! October for me is going to be a month of trial and error, a month of experimentation, and most likely a month of making content in the most embarrassing way possible for yours truly. For the month of October – I will be trying out streaming for the first time.

A couple of people have asked me in the past about streaming and whether or not I would try it. I’ve always been hesitant to do so because it never really seemed to be my sort of thing and I knew too many people who already streamed – I never wanted to be seen as if I was stepping on people’s toes. Alas, here we are. I don’t have the best setup in the world, not by any means, but the test streams went well, so hopefully, we don’t have any problems in the upcoming streams!

My first stream will be happening tomorrow at 19:00 (BST) and it’s going to be a super chill, super chatty stream looking at the upcoming anime season. Nothing too demanding for the first one, but if you want to chill and watch an extremely nervous person talk about anime for a couple of hours or maybe join in the conversation yourself, come along and watch!

After that, I aim to stream every Tuesday and Thursday in October with the aim of having a bit of a play on some ‘spooky’ games that have been sitting in my Steam library for a few years! Streams will only be for a couple of hours and they’re only ‘taster’ sessions so-to-speak, but we’ll see how they go and who knows? Maybe streams will become a regular part of AGAHA!

That’s all for now! I just wanted to let you guys know what’s happening and what to expect for the next couple of months! Again, this is all in experiment mode at the moment, and I’m very nervous but also quite excited at the same time!

I hope to see you around!

4 thoughts on “The New Season is Making Me Twitch With Excitement

  1. No need to be harsh on yourself at all. I think with this year we all lack some motivation, as it’s been a really bad one😊Good luck with the stream, if I can I will see if I can check in myself. No need to be nervous: you will do great! 😊

  2. “I could have spared an hour here or there writing a blog post.”

    LOL! If it were just an hour here or there I could crank out multiple posts a day. For me its more like a day here or there.

    1. Hahaha, for sure! But if I had spent an hour or so for a couple of days here and there, I would have actually published content at least! 😂

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