Can you believe that it’s that time of year already?

I feel as though I’ve asked this question so many times this year. Despite all the negative things we’ve all experienced this year, it has gone by so, so quickly – it’s unbelievable! Can you believe that it’s already December?

As it’s December, that can only mean one thing – award ceremonies. That’s right, it’s time to celebrate everything anime and manga-related, as I bring the second AGAHA Awards to you all!

As this year has been somewhat stressful, I’m taking a simpler approach to the Awards this year.

Mob Psycho II managed to grasp onto a prize last year – what will win this year?

Last year was the inaugural Awards. Quite frankly, I didn’t know what to expect, and although the Awards saw a great response in terms of nominations and voting, I’m simplifying it somewhat. (Mostly due to me wanting to work on other things at the same time – December is going to be a busy month for me!) Instead of opening up a round of nominations for each category, the shows up for voting have been selected due to their popularity, merit and the overall audience reaction it received. You can still nominate an alternative show if you wish, however, the initial nomination period as we had last year has been cut out. This nomination will count as a vote as normal.

Just like last year, you can also nominate your favourite content creators to be acknowledged in the Awards Ceremony. There are no losers here – everyone nominated will get a shout-out, so make sure you nominate your favourite creators and send them some love.

As for the Awards Ceremony itself, well, hopefully that’ll go better than last year. I had prepared a video to announce the results last year, however, due to copyright and the sheer length of the video itself, I sort of just… gave up. I did make a blog post with all the winners on, however, it just didn’t feel celebratory enough in my opinion. This year, I do aim to be a little less ambitious with this and a video will be made (and published!) for the Awards Ceremony at the end of the month.

So, if the Awards Ceremony is at the end of the month, when does the voting period end? Good question! The closing date for votes and nominations will be 26th December 2020 at 15:00 GMT. You have over three weeks to vote and nominate to your heart’s content, so make sure you click below to access the anonymous form to submit your choices!

So, what are you waiting for?

There are some changes this year, but you should all know by now that I love to experiment slightly! Don’t forget that this is all just for a little bit of fun and to acknowledge the success and achievements of those in the anime industry itself and the community around it. And, really, after the year we’ve all had, a bit of acknowledgement can go a long way, don’t you think?

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