I do love a good seasonal theme.

I’ve usually just stuck to doing the week’s worth of seasonal-themed blog posts every now and again. Things like watching and reviewing Ghost Stories for Halloween, or doing an essay on Tokyo Godfathers for Christmas (which remains to be one of my proudest pieces on the blog!) are just a couple of ways of how I’ve managed to put a seasonal spin on things.

One holiday that I’ve never done anything themed for, however, is Valentine’s Day. Perhaps this is because I was – when the blog was originally made – always entertained by the Valentine’s Day event my anime club at university did. Since its conception, I would look forward to it and the meme-y chaos it ensued each year, and perhaps that filled the celebratory void just enough that I never even considered doing Valentine’s Day content here.

All of that is about to change, however.

For the month of February, similarly to what I did in October for Halloween, I am going to be streaming otome games and dating simulators over on Twitch every Wednesday and every Friday. The times of these streams may not be consistent due to external factors that I have no control over, but I am aiming to do them at 7PM GMT. (Exact timings each day will be on my Twitter!)

The main game that I’ll be playing will be Amnesia: Memories, but there will also be special one-off streams as well, and I will still be playing The Sims 3 every Sunday.

In Amnesia: Memories, you play as the protagonist who has amnesia. In an attempt to regain your memories, you must work alongside a fairy called Orion, whom only you can see and interact with, all whilst acting as normal as possible so others don’t know you have amnesia.

It’s going to be jam-packed, so come join us on Twitch and watch me fawn over cute boys (it’s more entertaining than you might think, I promise) and control everyone’s favourite Sims 3 family – the Undertales – some more!

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