As you’re reading this, I’m sat on a train.

I’m currently making the 200+ mile journey to Edinburgh, possibly the longest train journey I’ve ever taken. With a total travel time of four hours, I can tell you that I’m probably not in the best of moods right now. But although the British public transport system is lacklustre at best, nothing can stop my excitement right now. Why? Because I’m on my way to Scotland Loves Anime – an annual film festival that takes place in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Ever since I heard about Scotland Loves Anime, I’ve wanted to go. It’s a festival that has been on my radar for years now, and so I’m thrilled to finally be on my way there. The festival shows limited-time runs of movies, which are often the only chance to see certain anime films in a cinema here in the UK. In fact, the festival has often seen the premiere of very much loved films – Into the Forest of Fireflies’ Light had its EU premiere at the festival back in 2011, as did A Silent Voice in 2016.

Last year, due to the coronavirus pandemic, Scotland Loves Anime was held completely online in partnership with ScreenAnime, a streaming service created by Anime Limited. I did take part in the virtual event, and I loved having the opportunity to watch films such as Lupin III vs. Detective Conan: The Movie, not to mention being able to see the in-progress Inu-Oh which made me so excited to see the real thing next year.

But to be able to go to the festival in person? I’m so excited! This is my first big event since the pandemic restrictions eased here in the UK, so I am, of course, a little bit anxious, but I’m mostly excited to be able to explore a city I haven’t stepped foot in in so long, as well as to be able to watch a huge amount of anime movies! I’m particularly looking forward to seeing Belle and On-Gaku: Our Sound.

As I am away, this does mean there won’t be much coming from me for just over week. I will be trying to keep my Instagram up-to-date with plenty of pictures, though, and I will make sure to tweet some quick thoughts about each movie, so do make sure you’re following me there!

Have you ever been to an anime festival? Let me know all about it in the comments below!

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