I Was Busy Thinking About Boys: Top 5 Male Anime Characters

Last week, I shared my top five female anime characters as a special post for International Women's Day. However, I didn't think it'd be fair if I didn't do one for the men in anime that we all love, so here we are. It's time for my top 5 male anime characters! Now, if I thought to compile the last list was hard, this one is on another level. Having been a fan of anime for seven years now, it's safe to say that I've seen plenty of boys - good and bad - meaning that there were quite a few contenders for this list!

Winter 2018: What Will I Be Watching?

I know, I need to finish 2017's anime first. But that's not realistically going to happen. I'll get through them at my own pace - a quicker pace than usual due to me picking out less seasonal anime than I have been doing in previous editions of this. (See, I'm sticking to my blogging resolutions already!)