The Cutest How-To Guide Ever!: Miira no Kaikata Review

It's a question that everyone's asked at least once. Just how do you raise a pet child mummy? Well, luckily for us, the guys over at 8bit made us an extremely cute guide for when we stumble upon a mummy and adopt it as our pet! I realise that this is a rather short review, but the simplicity of the show really does make it hard to comment on. Not only that, but I'd only be repeating myself from my First Impressions post from earlier this year.

Awkward Journeys: Fumikiri Jikan Review

Short and sweet is sometimes a nice little change. And not only was this show short and sweet, but this review will be too. Fumikiri Jikan, known as Crossing Time in English, is a series of shorts/stories that explore youth, eros, love and more that all occur during the time people spend waiting at a railway crossing. There's not, really, much else to say about it. That's the show.

Why? Why? Why?: Ai-Mai-Mi Review

Arguably due to its yon-koma manga style, the plot of Ai-Mai-Mi is far from being coherent. Sometimes, this makes it have a slight charm to it. Most times, however, it's just a mind-hurting experience. If you're here hoping this review is about a serious, logical show, then I suggest you just leave now.