Move over, Twilight: Devils Line Review

Devils Line is probably one of the only anime from this year (so far) that I probably stand on the minority side of things. A lot of people haven't given Devils Line a particularly good review and, although I can understand why people may not like it, I have to disagree completely. Move out of the way Twilight, a better vampire love story is in town.

Magical Girl Idols vs Demons: Mahou Shoujo Ore Review

The more I read the synopsis for this show, the more it blows my mind. What started off as a bit of meme eventually turned out to be quite a good comedy show and, well, I was definitely surprised. Although the synopsis sounds like three shows put together, it works. And although the show doesn't get the greatest of starts, I'm here to tell you why you should at least give it a chance.

Awkward Journeys: Fumikiri Jikan Review

Short and sweet is sometimes a nice little change. And not only was this show short and sweet, but this review will be too.
Fumikiri Jikan, known as Crossing Time in English, is a series of shorts/stories that explore youth, eros, love and more that all occur during the time people spend waiting at a railway crossing. There's not, really, much else to say about it. That's the show.