Summer 2019: What am I watching?

It’s that time of the season again where we all take a look at the upcoming seasonal anime and pick what we’ll be watching! I realise I only made a return to seasonal anime a couple of seasons ago with The Promised Neverland, but I think I’m going to adjust my approach once again.

Fights, Love and Illness: Fruits Basket (2019) Episode 8 & 9 Review

Man, am I glad to come back to Fruits Basket after a short break! It really does make everything about the show even better. Everything becomes more enjoyable. And that's without me knowing that the ninth episode was featuring my absolute favourite - Hatsuharu. Ahh, what a treat! I do, however, realise that I was an idiot and forgot to write an episode review for the eighth episode. So, let me just quickly cover my thoughts on that before we dive into the ninth episode.

That cat is such an idiot!: Fruits Basket (2019) Episode 2 Review

This episode was so nostalgic! Whilst watching it, I was transported back to the time when I was watching the original series for the first time. It's safe to say I had a massive smile on my face for the whole 24 minutes. As I was watching, I could remember very easily the 2001 version's series of events. Every time Yuki kicked Kyo, every time Kyo acted like the absolute tsundere he is, I was giggling. Apparently, my love for a good old shoujo anime hasn't disappeared at all.